02-03 tot 02-22; Trip to Michigan

I went to the gym after school on Tuesday. Hannah had a dentist appointment and a meeting afterwards, so Kerby picked me up after her appointment. We watched some tv at home and ate dinner. On Wednesday after school I packed stuff for the weekend. Hannah had to work. We left for Michigan Thursday morning. We ate ate a noodle bar on our way with the people we were going with. We arrived at the cabin at 4 o'clock. It was so cold and there was so much snow. It almost came to my knees. We unpacked some stuff and ate dinner. Hannah and I went in the sauna after that. We went sledding on Friday. We had the plan to go skiing, but nobody wanted to go with me. All the adults didn't want to go and Hannah can't ski so she needed lessons and she didn't want to do that. On Saturday we went shopping in Traverse City. A little, old city close to Lake Michigan. On Sunday we cleaned the cabin en went home. Hannah and I watched tv the whole night. We worked out on Wednesday. En went to the girls sectionals game. They lost so it was their last game of the season. I skyped with Joe in the evening. I had a really bad headache on Thursday, so I took a nap after school. Hannah had a choir concert, but I stayed home. I watched some tv. The weather was really bad on Friday. There was a blizzard and Kerby and Sabine went to Fort Wayne, so Hannah and I were at home by ourselves. We watched valentines movies all day. I went to church with my host family on Sunday. It wasn't as bad as my old church. The only thing was that I had to stand up because I was new. After church, a teacher from the college came up to me. He used to live in the Netherlands but his Dutch was really bad. And to switch from English to Dutch was pretty hard. So I spoke in English and he spoke Dutch. We went home after church and my family had a funeral, so I stayed home. Hannah had to work after that. I watched some tv with my hostparents and we ate dinner.

I had a snow day on Thursday. It was not really a snow day, because we didn't have snow. It's was just so cold outside that they canceled school. Hannah and I baked cookies. They were really gross. We watch movies in the evening. We had a 2 hour delay on Friday so we could sleep in a little. On Saturday we went to Fort Wayne to shop and get our hair cut. We met Karli and her mom at the movie theater and we watched Fifty shades of gray. We ate Thai after that and went to get frozen yoghurt. On Sunday we went to church. We made macarons after that. They were really good. The oscars were in the evening, so we watched that in the evening.

For or the people that want to know, my new adres is;

109 S Elm Street


North Manchester, Indiana

letters and packages are always welcome :)


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