06-01 tot 20-01; second semester and a new family

2nd semester started okay. I really like all the people in my classes. Especially the classes before lunch. I switched my English and US history because I didn't like the people in my history class and I could switch my creative writing for normal English. Now I don't have to write stupid poems. We had 2 hour delays for 3 days and on Thursday and Friday we had snow days. So we stayed home, watched movies. We didn't do a lot. Rainer, Elizabeth's boyfriend came over a few times. On Monday we had a snow day again. On Tuesday we started school again. We didn't even have a 2 hour delay, so it was hard to get up.

I didn't hear anything about a new host family yet. There is one family here in town that told Carol that they want to host an exchange student one time. They have a daughter and she is in my choir and geometry class.

I talked to her in Thursday morning in choir. She told me that her family is filling out all the papers and I can move there next week. I would get my own bedroom, bathroom and basement. And her parent are super nice. They go on a ski trip and I can go with them, but it's the same date as the winter formal. And I really want to go to the winter formal too. So I don't know what to do yet.

I spent the whole weekend at the Collett's. We went shopping on Saturday. And on Sunday I went to the my new host family to meet them. I got a tour around the house and the house is amazing ! It's so clean and cute. The parents are so nice. I can't wait till I move there. I went home afterwards and I went shopping with my host family. Elizabeth needed a formal dress. I decided to go skiing, so I didn't need a dress. The next day in choir I talked a lot with Hannah. I'm so excited to move there.

On Tuesday I went to Pilates with Sarah and we got ice cream afterwards.




je klinkt enthousiast. Wat fijn joh!! op een mooi half jaar


Oh meid...wat klink dit goed!!! Ben zo blij voor je!


Wat fijn, dat er eindelijk schot in komt. Ik hoop echt dat het nu ook heel snel allemaal rond is. Succes ermee, groetjes renate

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