23-01 tot 02-02; first week at my new family

On Thursday I got the message that I was going to move the next day after school. So I had to pack all my stuff in half an hour after school on Friday. I said goodbye to Sarah and the little people. Ryan wasn't at home and Elizabeth had basketball practice. When I got to my new family we brought the stuff to my room. I was surprised how much stuff I actually have. Hannah, my new host sister, and Sabine, my new host, had a play on Friday and Saturday from their church. Me and Kerby, my host dad, went to the play on Friday. After the play we went home and I hung out with Hannah in my room, while it was unpacking my first suitcase.

The next morning we ate pancakes and bacon for breakfast. My new family loves to cook. Me and Hannah watched tv downstairs in the basement. Hannah and Sabine had to leave in the afternoon for the play. Me and Kerby ate a salad for dinner. Hannah has a lactose allergy and can't eat a lot of things, so all the ingredients are in different bowls so you can make your own salad. I really like that because I don't like a lot of things in salads. We watched tv in the evening. And finally something different then watching football and basketball. He dropped me of at the church after the play because the youth had an after party after the play. And they asked me too. We watched the play on tv and shaved the beard from the boy who played Jesus. The youth group is so much more fun than my old youth group. We came home after midnight.

We didn't go to church, just to youth group. There weren't a lot of people because everybody was tired and stayed home. This church is more liberal than my old church. My old church was the most conservative church here in town. After church we went to Fort Wayne to visit Hannah's baby cousin. She was born 2 weeks ago and she was so small and cute. On our way back we went to Five Guys. This is a burger restaurant. They have the best burgers and fries, but it's pretty expensive. We watched tv the whole evening. Sabine made really good brownies. It snowed really bad on Sunday, so we got a call in the evening that we had a 2 hour delay.

One of the best things about my new host family; they bring us to school and pick us up, so we don't have to ride the school bus.

Hannah and I went to the gym after school to work out. Kyler and Alex came home with us to study. They stayed for dinner and we made brownies after that. We watched some tv and they went home. Hannah and I watched some tv in the evening.

The rest of the week we just had family time after school. Hannah worked a few days so I was alone with my host parents. The Super Bowl was on Sunday and we had a few friends coming over. We had a lot of fun. There was so much snow that we had a snow day. Clara spent the night and we went out in the snow the next day. Hannah's little cousin came over and in the evening me, Hannah, Clara and Eli went to a restautant in town. Eli came home with us and we hung out for a while.




Wat fijn om te lezen dat je het hier naar je zin hebt!

Enne...die snow days....laat ze lekker daar hoor...hebben wij hier geen zin in :-)


Heb je inmiddels al een afscheidsetentje georganiseerd voor je vorige hostfamily?


Hi Laura, wat fijn om te lezen dat je het nu zo goed naar je zin hebt.
Wil je over een tijdje weer een keer zo'n overzicht maken, van wie wie is? Er gaan nu weer allerlei nieuwe namen langskomen en dat ik denk ik na 2-3 verhalen de weg weer helemaal kwijt zal zijn. Geniet maar lekker fijn je nieuwe plekkie en je nieuwe familie. Groetjes Renate

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