1-12 tot 8-12; cyber Monday and seeing my Dutches

We had a normal school week again. Elizabeth had a home game in the evening. The game started after 6 so Elizabeth and Antonia went home first. The theme for the high school bleachers was hunters apparel and hunters orange. So I wore my orange soccer shirt. The JV and varsity both won. We went home after the game. It was Cyber Monday, so a lot of webshops had a huge discount. I ordered a Christmas present for Elizabeth.

I took a nap after school on Tuesday. I was really tired. Antonia came home with us again. We made spaghetti and went to Pilates. Elizabeth couldn't go because she had a lot of homework. Normally we come 15 minutes late but we were on time today. We went grocery shopping after that for Sarah an Ryan's trip to Mexico and for Christmas. Then we went home to watch the pictures of the family photos. Sarah brought Antonia home and I showered and went to bed.

Carol picked me up in the morning to take me to school, because Ryan had to take Elizabeth earlier so she could work on a school projects and I didn't want to ride the bus. I went home after school and I watched GTST. When Elizabeth came home, we watched some tv together. We ate dinner, did our homework and went to bed. We were finally in bed early.

Elizabeth had a game again on Thursday. It was a home game. The theme for the high schoolers was Hipsters, so I wore my flannel and my glasses. JV and varsity both won, with huge differences. Sophia came to the game to so I sat with her and Eli and Jevon. After the game I went home and packed some stuff. We helped Sarah pack her suitcase for Mexico and went to bed afterwards.

The next evening was the first boys home game. It was toga night, so everybody was wearing a toga. My toga didn't stay in place to I took it of before the game even started. The JV and varsity boys both won. It was so fun to go to a boys game. They are a lot more fun than the girls games. Everybody is cheering the whole time! I went home with Carol after the game and Elizabeth had a date with her new boyfriend. Trisha was there to babysit. She is a freshman in college. We watched tv for a while and went to bed. The next day we had to clean the whole house because the grandmother and granddad were coming to babysit. Trisha and Elizabeth did some grocery shopping and I had to clean the house with the little people. Antonia came to work on a school project and after my host grandparents arrived, we had to take Elizabeth to school and went to the game. The game was at Northfield, that's where Joe and Lisan are going. So I sat with them at the game. After the game I went home with Lisan and spent the night there. The next morning we had breakfast and after that my phone stopped working. The screen wouldn't go on anymore. Joe came to Lisan to work on our presentation we have to do next Wednesday. We pooled first. The presentation is all done. After we world on our presentation I went home with Joe. He had a youth group party at his house. And I never met his new host family. So we ate dinner and they did a game with Christmas presents. We played table tennis and blackjack. My host granddad picked me up and when I got back home, Elizabeth told me that the boy she likes asked her out. So they are officially dating. And she fixed my phone! So was really happy that night.


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