8-12 tot 5-01; Christmas (break) and new semester

I didn't feel very good on Monday so I went to bed after school. I woke up for dinner and went to bed again. Elizabeth slept to after she came home from basketball. We did our homework when we woke up en we stayed up late because we couldn't sleep anymore.

I still didn't feel good on Tuesday, so I slept again when I got home. This time I didn't even wake up for dinner. I woke up at 8:30, ate some ice cream because my throat hurt, took an ibuprofen and went to bed again. I didn't sleep though. Elizabeth was at school for practice and the cannonball tourney. We hung out in the evening.

The next day carol picked me up because we had to go to Laketon elementary school. The exchange students from Northfield and Manchester had to present for 6th graders about our countries. We had for different groups so we had to present the same presentation 4 times. I'm very happy that I could present with Lisan and Joe. After our presentations we went to the Subway in Manchester for a sub. Antonia and I had a US history test 5th period and we didn't study. So we had to kill some time before we went back to school. We came back to school at 1:10, so we had almost half an hour left of 5th period. So made some homework in the hallway and went to class afterwards. So we could take the test the next day. I went home after school with the bus. I had to go back to school in the evening for Christmas Fantasy rehearsal. That is a choir concert we have Sunday. I only have a pretty bad cold, so when I had to sing my duet with Kendra, it didn't sound that good. I really home my voice sounds better on Saturday and Sunday.

The test in US history with okay. I'm not worrying about that. We also had a Spanish test that went pretty well. The little people had a Christmas concert in the evening. So I had to curl Isabelle's hair. It was really cute to see all the kindergartners sing. We went to Wendy's afterwards. We did some homework when we got home and went to bed early.

Sarah and Ryan came home on Saturday. We celebrated Jackson's birthday, because his birthday was on Sunday. But I wasn't there because I had a Christmas choir concert. The next week I had finals. They went better then I expected. The week after that was Christmas break. Christmas was pretty boring. The only fun thing were all the presents. Americans don't really do much on Christmas Day. They eat dinner on Christmas Eve, go to church and unwrap Christmas presents the next morning. The rest of the day they just hang out in their pajamas.

I also had the most boring New Year's Eve ever. I was supposed to go to Toledo with Joe. But I was going to sleep at a girls house for a week, and her family doesn't have a background check. So I couldn't go. Elizabeth went to a 'party' of her boyfriend with Antonia. Sarah and Ryan went to a restaurant with old people, so I stayed home with William, Isabelle and Jackson. I just watched netflix the whole night.

We didn't do very much during Christmas break. We went to the newest hunger games movie, but most of the time I spent at home.

School started again on Monday. New semester, so that means; new, classes, new teachers, new classmates. My schedule is kind of the same. I have choir, geometry, Spanish, ceramics, English, study hall and US history. I switched my creative writing class for a normal English class, because I don't want to write poems everyday. My ceramics is like a pottery class. We make potteries on a wheel. We didn't do very much so far, but I hope I will like this class.

I decided that I want to switch host families because I don't feel comfortable at my current host family anymore. My friends in Michigan and Ohio are looking for a family there and otherwise I will move nationally. I don't know when I will move.




he meis, dat klinkt niet echt fijn. Saaie kerst, en een saai oud en nieuw! Volgend jaar maar goed inhalen in Ijsselstein! "Laura's back in town" ???? and they will remember that!!! Ik hoop dat je heel snel een gezellige nieuwe host family zal vinden.
Knuffel, ilonka

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