24-11 tot 30-11; thanksgiving and family Christmas

Carol picked us up from school on Monday, because basketball practice started at 6. We still didn't had wifi when I came home, so I watched some tv and took a nap. Carol picked us up again on Tuesday. Because they had a late practice again. This time I went home with Antonia, because they had wifi and I needed to work on a school project. When they had to leave for basketball they dropped me of at my house. Sophia showed me how to download books on my iPad. So I downloaded a book at school, so I could read that at home. We finally had wifi again on Wednesday. And we had thanksgiving break. I baked a Dutch Apple pie in the evening, watched some tv and ate popcorn. On Thursday morning we had to wake up early because people were coming over for thanksgiving lunch. We made salads and mashed potatoes and a lot more stuff. Lisan, Freja and another family came over of lunch. We ate turkey, and I don't really like turkey. It's so dry ! But there were a lot of cakes and pies too. Everybody left at 6 o'clock and we left at 7 o'clock to go Black Friday shopping. We went to Fort Wayne. I really expected it to be insanely crowded. Especially in Target. But it actually wasn't that crowded. And I expected the sales to be a whole lot better. After Target we went to Dick's sporting goods and after that we went to the mall. We ate something at the mall and shopped till 1 o'clock. We were home at 2. We slept for a long time. We ate breakfast, although it was more a lunch, and took a shower. I went back to bed but E had to make herself ready for basketball practice. I watched GTST, because I didn't watch that since the beginning. I really don't want to miss anything, so I started to watch it again. I watched some tv in the evening with Elizabeth and I skyped with Wouter and Joe for a long time. That wasn't my best idea because we had to wake up really early. We left at 9 to go to Ohio for family Christmas. Sarah's family always has their family Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was almost 3 hours to Ohio. The Christmas was in a school. It was the old school of Wesley and Logan. We ate lunch, played basketball, played bingo and ate dinner. We went home with Logan and Wesley because I and I spent the night there. The rest of the family spent the night at other family. We watched some tv and a really scary movie. There were 2 friends of Wesley and Logan who came over and one spent the night. Elizabeth and I had to sleep on the couch. We ate pancakes for breakfast the next morning. We went to church with them. The church didn't look like a church at all. It was funny to see how different churches can be. We went to Kohl's after church because Logan needed new jeans. And we spent more than an hour there because they have so many things. We went no after that, ate lunch and did nothing. Logan's mom brought us to the other family and then we left to go home. We came home around 6. Elizabeth and I had a 9 o'clock soccer game that night, so we made ourselves ready. Antonia came over and Morgan picked us up. We played the Fort Wayne United team again. But we got a new goalie, so we played a lot better. We still didn't score. We got back home at 10:30 so we took showers and went to bed.




Wauw...da's een beste vogel, en ja..kalkoen is droog....da's lekkerder in een soort saus.
Leuk hoor dat je ons zo trouw op de hoogte blijft houden,

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