17-11 tot 23-11; No WiFi

Monday morning I read the message on Facebook about my dog. There is a big change that she has cancer, so I was kind of upset in that day. I broke when people started asking me what was wrong. When I came back home from school I went to my bed and watched movies on netflix. Antonia came to our house after basketball practice because she wanted to go to Campus Life with me and Elizabeth. I was not in the mood to do something, so I stayed at home. I helped Sarah making Mickey Mouse snacks for Jackson's class. I went to bed after that.

On Tuesday I went home after school and changed. It was so cold that day. After that I went to Elizabeth's basketball game. It was an away game. Elizabeth plays JV, but the JV won. Varsity lost. We were back home at 10:30.

It was Williams birthday on Wednesday. So we celebrated it to eat dinner together, and that was a longggg time ago, together. After that we ate chocolate birthday cake. Elizabeth told her dad that she is talking to a boy. She was really scared to do that because her dad doesn't like boys around her. He reacted really calm. So different than I expected. When Sarah came to our room later in the evening, she told us that she told Ryan about the boy, so he could think about it. That was probably the best thing she could do. The rules in America about dating are so different and parents are so overprotective. It is kind of weird, but I really appreciate the Netherlands more since I'm here.

On Thursday morning I heard of a threat that was made against a bunch of students. Somebody sent a collage with the pictures on a fake account on snapchat. Everybody was talking about it who it could be and what the person wanted to do. I really thought people were over exaggerating. The person who made that collage was just jealous of those people. During third period I heard already enough to know who it was. Because it happened in my study hall. There are not many high schoolers in my study hall and 2 of them were in the collage. One girl who was in the collage knew what the snapchat name stood for and a lot of other things. And she was the only one who had a connection with every single person. And the persons on the list were really random. After lunch she confessed that it was her. I don't know what is going to happen to her, I think she will be kicked out of school. Because school contacted snapchat, snapchat contacted the police in Indianapolis and they contacted the FBI. There were policemen al over the school. I think it is weird that people take something like this so seriously. We even made the news. You can see my school in this video and they explain a little about the threat.

Cali was at our house when I got home. She learned us how to knit a scarf around our arms. We ate the birthday cake leftovers. Elizabeth got out of practice early because they had a game the next day. Paige, a classmate of E, came over to work on a project and I customized my class ring. When they left, we ate dinner and half an hour before we had to leave for Pilates, somebody hit our telephone pole so we didn't had any power in the house or the farm. But Ryan had to milk the cows in half an hour so he was really stressed out. We left for Pilates and when we came back, the power was working again. The only thing that didn't work was the wifi. So E and I took a shower and went to bed because we didn't had anything else to do.

I was already done with my pajama pants we were making in Fashion and Textiles, so I brought some pants who were ripped. I fixed al my and E's pants. The wifi still didn't work when we got back home, so there was not very much to do. We watched some tv and I layed in bed for a while. E went to the basketball game. I went with Ryan and the little people. It was a home game, so everybody was sitting in 'the jungle'. That is the bleachers for the high school people. The theme was white out. So everybody was dressed in white. It was so much fun with al the cheers we did. The JV lost but varsity won. The basketball players had a dinner after that so I went home with Sarah. I went to bed right away, because I had nothing better to do and it was pretty late.

On Saturday I slept in. I went down for breakfast and I helped Sarah clean. After that I went to my bed again. I didn't feel very well. Elizabeth came home from basketball. And she wanted to take a nap so I joined her. Bailey came home with Elizabeth. But she watched tv with the little kids. I showered, when they left for their basketball game. I went with my hostparents and the Collett's to the game. Trisha, the college student, came too. JV and Varsity both won. We went to McDonald's after for dinner. We picked Bethany and Elizabeth up and went home.

On Sunday we went to church. After that we went to Fort Wayne for Williams birthday lunch. We went to the same restaurant as the first day I came here. We went home afterwards and took a nap. We could only nap for 1 hour, because we had to clean the house for the people who were coming over. Elizabeth invited the boy she was talking to for dinner and to meet her parents, and oh my gash, that was the most awkward thing I've ever seen in my life. We had to leave at 8 for our plex game. And Rainer stayed at our house for more than an hour after that. We had to play the boys that night, so we kinda failed. But it doesn't matter. We went to Wendy's after our game for a frosty. We came home at 10:45. So we showered and went to bed.


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