10-11 tot 17-11; Dutchie weekend

Antonia, Sophia, Freja (Lisan's double placement from Denmark) and I went on a field trip to Indianapolis with the German exchange students and their American exchange students. We had to be at school at 6:30. It was a 2 hours drive. Our first stop was at the Lucas Oil Stadium. This is the stadium where the Colts play. We got a tour trough the whole building. We went into their locker rooms, on the field and we sat in the most expensive seats in the stadium. It was such a cool experience. After our tour we went to the Indy 500 museum. This is a museum about race cars and stuff. It was really boring for me. Luckily we were there for 45 minutes. Our next stop was at the mall. We got 1 hour and 40 minutes to eat lunch and shop. So we went to Panda Express for lunch. We went to a few stores as fast as we can and we made it in time. We walked to the Indiana State Senate building. We got a tour and mennn, that was so boring. The tour lasted more than one hour. After the State Senate, we went to the War Memorial Museum. The tour guide was the best one we had all day. It was still boring, but a lot more interesting then all the another museums we went to. Our last stop was at Steak 'n Shake. We eat dinner and had a delicious shake. At 6 o'clock it was time to leave. We were back at school at 8.
Antonia and I were talking about swimming in the bus ride back home. We both don't really enjoy it. We only do it because we want to do a sport. So we decided to talk to the coaches the next morning instead of going to practice. They thought it was really unfortunate that we stopped, but they understood. We watched the remaining time of the swim practice and went to school after that. After school I went home with the bus. At 6 o'clock we went to the Collett's for dinner. When we got home Elizabeth and I picked out our clothes for the Fall Sport Awards we had on Wednesday.
On Wednesday I could finally 'sleep in' again. It was really weird to take the bus in the morning again. After lunch I went on a field trip to Wabash. There was a college fair. I saw Freja at the college fair. It was kind of pointless that I went there because I'm not going to college in the US. But some stands had candy, so I enjoyed myself. We came back before our Spanish class. I went home with the bus after school. I had to be at school in the evening for the fall sports awards. The soccer girls won the best GPA average. That means that we have the highest grades. We watches a movie my coach made with pictures and video's she took. You can watch that video here; I got my varsity letter, scholar athlete patch and my graduation year for my letter jacket. When we got home, we saw Logan. He is here for the weekend. So we hung out in the evening.
Thursday was a normal day. Elizabeth had a team dinner after her practice and bailey came to our house. They had a game the next day and had to dress up, so she picked out some of our clothes to wear. I went to Pilates with Sarah. It was kind of awkward because my Spanish teacher was there too.
Sarah picked me up from school on Friday. We went to Michigan to pick up Julia. She lives 3 house away, so we met her somewhere. We ate McDonalds in the car for dinner. When we got home we hung out for a while. Elizabeth had a basketball game and I had a cabaret. I had to perform a song with TeriAnn and Destiny. So Julia went with me. Sarah and Ryan watched the game from Elizabeth. The next morning we started cleaning the house. Elizabeth went to basketball practice and Julia, Sarah and I picked up Joe. Sarah wanted to go to a store when we were in Kokomo to pick Joe up. When we were there, we got a text from Jan that they didn't know where wouter was. He went to the hairdresser in the morning at 9 and he wasn't pack at noon. Luckily he came home half a hour later. We went grocery shopping and ate lunch at Wendy's. At 4 o'clock we were finally complete. The Duchies were reunited. Antonia came too so she could hang out with Elizabeth. I gave everybody a tour around the farm and in the evening we went bowling. I saw Bailey at the bowling hall so I introduced her to everybody. I won both the times. And Wouter was really devastated because he lost 2 times on 3 point. When we came home we watched tv till 3 in the morning. William made breakfast the next morning. Everybody took showers and we hung out for the rest of the day. Lisan and Freja came too. It was Freja's birthday on Saturday, so they couldn't come on Saturday. Wouter and Jan left earlier because they had a 3 hour trip home. The hostmom of Lisan and Freja brought Joe home and we brought Julia home. Then we went to Taco Bell for dinner. I actually had a Plex game this night, but I wanted to take Julia home. Elizabeth called us in the car that the girls from Oakhill couldn't make it to the game, so there weren't enough players. So I was really glad I made the decision to take Julia home. This was really the best weekend after camp since I'm here. I'm really happy that I made such good friends at camp, but it's to bad that the other people live that far away. I can't wait till another Dutchie weekend or the meeting with the Dutch people when I'm back home.


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