3-11 tot 9-11; Whole week of swimming and Hotelfun

Swimming is going better and better everyday and I think am going to like it. Freestyle (borstcrawl) is going well. I only need to work on my speed.

Our school has a exchange program with a school in Hamburg, Germany. There are 12 German students in the US right know. Students from our school are going to Germany in March or April. They will stay for 3 weeks.  

After school i went home with the bus. I helped the kids with their homework. They are making fun of me because I say ' you have to make your homework ' but it is ' you have to do your homework '. The kids finished their homework so I could start on my own homework. After that, I watch a movie on netflix. I didn't do anything special in the evening. 

The next morning I had swimming again. Waking up that early is a struggle. I missed the bus after school, because I had to order some things and the busses leave 5 till 10 minutes after the last class. So I watched the basketball practice of Elizabeth. Luckily Gage was there to watch a little of the practice with his exchange student. So we talked for a while. After the practice we went to the Collett's for dinner. 

On Wednesday, I went home with the bus again. I had so much homework. So I did my homework first. Elizabeth had a team dinner after basketball practice and Sarah had to go to a meeting. So I made dinner with William. I didn't do anything special in the evening.

On Thursday we practices the turns in swimming. On Friday we went to swimming again and after school I went home with the bus. When Elizabeth came home from practice we went to Indianapolis. We spent the night in a hotel. Kylie, Morgan en Bailey were in the same hotel. So we hung out that evening and went to McDonald for a shake. I slept with Elizabeth and Ryan and Sarah in the same room, but Ryan and Sarah snore really loud. So I didn't have very much sleep that night. The next morning we went to the soccer fields in Danville for the North vs. South league. Elizabeth was nominated to play. Her game started at 9:45 but we had to be there at 8:45. And it was freezing cold outside. Bailey, Melissa and Olivia had a game. And the last game was Morgan. So we spent a long day outside. We went for lunch with Baileys family. We had a really fun time. We had a two hour drive home. Trisha who was babysitting the little people, was spending another night so we went to the college to get more stuff. It was really fun to see the college dorms. We watched tv for a while buy I went to bed early. The next morning. Was harvest fest at church so there was a big dinner. After church we took an all day nap. In the evening we had a plex game. Kylie drove our minivan to Fort Wayne because we couldn't fit in a normal car. We ate frozen yoghurt and after that we went to the plex. We lost our game. But we had so much fun. Honking around town and following people. When we got home I packed my bag for the next day because I had a field trip to Indianapolis. 




Hi Laura, still going strong over there? It seems you don't have much time to be bored or homesick. Great to read that you have so much fun with your guest family and friends.
Here everything is OK. I have been to a breeder last weekend, they expect puppies next week. I'll send you pictures when they are born. Kisses from Holland! XXXKarin

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