28-10 tot 2-11; swimming and Halloween

On Monday I did a workout with Sophia in the weight room after school. After that i watched the rest of the basketball practice. I couldn't go home earlier, because the bus already left and Sarah would pick Elizabeth up after practice. Antonia is manager for basketball, so I could talk the her in the main time. After practice we went home. We didn't do anything in the evening. Sophia and I went to the pool on Tuesday. We swum for a while and did a workout. After that I went to the school again to watch the basketball practice. I really wanted to do a sport in the winter. Basketball is nothing for me. I really can't throw the ball. I don't like the girls who are cheerleading, so the only sport that was left was swimming. The only problem; swimming has morning practices, every day. The practices are from 6 till 7:30. Antonia wanted to try swimming to, so the next morning we had our first practice. Men, swimming is hard word. I didn't expect it to be that hard. After school I went home with the bus. I didn't want to watch the basketball practice. I helped the little people with their homework and after that I took a quick nap. Everybody left to the church for club Riot in the evening. I didn't want to go and had homework that I had to make. I went to bed earlier that night, because we had swimming again the next morning. But I woke up at 5:35. I set my alarm clock on 5:15 pm instead of am. 5:35 was the time that I had to be at Antonia's house to pick her up. Luckily, Antonia texted that she wasn't going to practice. So I texted Sarah that she didn't have to get out of bed. I went to school on the normal time. After school I went to the weight room with Sophia and a few of the cross country girls to do some running and an ab workout. After that I went to the pool, because the cousins of my host family came and they went to the pool. We swum for a while and picked Elizabeth up from her practice. I was really tired so I went to bed at 9. The next morning I went to swim practice again. Because it was Halloween, we had to swim with apples in our hands. It was supposed to be fun, but it really wasn't. I think I'm going to do swimming for this season. I'm not looking forward to staying up at 5:10 every morning. But I want to do something in the winter, and not only soccer on Sundays. Sarah picked me up after swim practice. Elizabeth and I were going to babysit in the morning. Sarah had to go to work. When she came back, we went to Dairy Queen for lunch and after that she brought us to school. We missed the Halloween show. But Antonia filmed some things. I watched the movies in us history. All the classes were half an hour long. So we didn't do anything the rest of the day. After school I went trick or treating with Sarah and the little people. It was freezing so Sarah and I stayed in the car while the kids got their candy. It even snowed for a while. I'm really not looking forward to the winter here. We picked Elizabeth up from her basketball practice and went home. After we had dinner, I went to bed because I was really tired. On Saturday I slept in. Elizabeth had basketball practice in the morning. When she came back we watched 2 movies and we played soccer for a while. Antonia came in the evening and I skyped with Joe en Wouter. The next morning we had to wake up early for church. After church we went to the Mexican restaurant. When we came home we took a quick nap. After that we made a quick Halloween costume. We painted apps on cardboard. I was Snapchat, Elizabeth was Twitter and 2 girls from our church, Emily and Megan, were Pinterest and Instagram. We did a hayride with a bunch of little people. We drove past a few houses to get candy. After that we had dinner at our house and Elizabeth and I went to Fort Wayne for our second soccer game at the plex. We got our jerseys. We played against the Fort Wayne united girls under 16. They were really good, so we lost again. Although we played a lot better then last week. When we came home it was 10 o'clock. So I went to bed because I had swimming again the next morning.




Zwemmen lijkt me zo leuk! Leuk om te lezen dit ook. :D

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